Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day

  We got a ton of snow last night, which included Sleet, Hail, rain and Thunder and Lightning.  Jim was working nights and Cayden was freaking out because of the lightning and thunder.  He finally fell asleep around 11p and slept with me all night and got up around 8am.  He was pretty excited to have a snow day today. 
  He is now convinced that he can go outside to ride his 4 wheeler.  The snow is blowing sideways with winds of up to 50mph.  Im pretty sure if I did let him go out it wouldnt last long, but I'm afraid he'll blow away.  He is now in the bedroom putting puzzels together.  I was watching him play with the dog this morning and it is so cute to watch him play with her.  She is a 100lb, 1 year old Great Dane and he considers her his best friend.  He tells her all the time how much he loves her and calls her sweetie.  He was laying on top of her and she just lays there, it was priceless.  Then him and Chloie were pretending that they had their own childrens show, Cayden was the director of course, it was cute. He kept saying "Ok Children (talking to Chloie), Paco did something we did not like, so do we tell him we didnt like it or do we fight with him, thats right boys and girls we use our words", it was super cute.  The poor dog just goes along with it.
   Well thats our morning so far, I dont think we are wandering anywhere outside of the house today so it should be interesting trying to keep him occupied in the house while Jim tries to sleep.  Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading, Emie

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