Saturday, December 3, 2011

Been awhile

  So Cayden started the 3rd grade this year and he LOVES his teacher.  He has Mr. Bachman this year, he is fantastic.  He works well with Cayden and his needs, which in return, Cayden brought home a great report card.  He had all A's and 2 B's, he was not happy with his B's but he had one proud Momma.  He like's school for the most part and has come along way since I last posted, I am so glad that I fought the fight to get him his IEP.  He has been big into read Junie B Jones books lately and has proved to me that he can finish a book in 2 days.  I am so proud of his accomplishments.
  We are going through some more testing right now, because it has been brought to my attention that he should really go through the testing for Aspergers, so we are in the process of that.  He has met with the Child Pychologist and she called to let me know that she is pretty sure that he has it but would like to have one more session with him before confirming, so we go back Feb. 1. 
   He sleeps with me when Jim works nights and the other night he fell asleep with Chloie is his arms talking to her, it was super cute.  Although at times I feel pushed to my limit, I love this little boy more than words can explain, he is my everything and I would be lost without him.  Cayden lost his 7 year old little cousin to cancer a couple weeks ago and it was pretty hard for him, but with that loss it makes you grab your little one and hold them just a little tighter, a little bit of a reality check really.  I LOVE the random texts from him saying "I love you mommy"  I couldnt ask for a better son, he's it.  I sit at work as I write this missing him more than ever, and I just got that text.  I am super excited for Christmas because I love to see him glow with excitment, and I cant wait to spend the week off with him. 
   His goal is still to be a cop when he gets big.  Sometimes with the attitude that comes out of that little man I wonder what kind of cop he will be, one that I wouldnt want to run across on a bad day, and then there are times when he has the biggest heart ever that I wonder if he'd let everyone go because he'd feel sorry for them.  He cares so much about what other people think and feel.  He loves animals so much that I often wonder if he wont change his mind eventually and want to be a vet or someone who works with animals.  I could see this. 
  Well thats about it for now, I will try to update more often from here.