Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothings right

  So yesterday I got home from work at 8 after working a 36 hour shift, I was tired so layed down for a nap.  At 8:45 my phone was ringing and I seen it was School, I answered and it was Cayden.  He says Mom I need you to bring me a new pair of socks these socks are bothering me and I cant do my work.  I told him to take his socks off for now until I could get there with some new ones.  Long story short, Cayden has always had to have his socks just right, the seam of the sock needs to run perfect along the front of his toes.  So I slept for a little while then got up and brought him some new socks.  The school I think thought I was crazy that I was bringing him a new pair of socks, this relates back to my first post where I said no one understands.  After explaining to them that he has a major OCD problem when it comes to his toes, to the point where if we are walking and he can feel a fuzzy off his socks between his toes he stops to take it out, they stated that they didnt realize that.   He also had on a Polo shirt yesterday and for some reason yesterday did not like his shirt, from what I could get out of him I think he felt to exposed, he didnt like that the buttons came down in the front and people could see part of his chest. As my title states yesterday nothing was right for my poor little man. 

   I had a friend tell me today that she was at a class yesterday and they touched on Autism, and she told me that as much as she talks to me and I tell her over and over again she still doesnt understand what I go through everyday and that she probably never will.  Again no one understands, people can say they undersatand and pretend to understand but NO ONE will fully understand until they have walked in these shoes.  People are always quick to judge but these are the same people that I secretly despise because their lives really seem so simple compared to what we go through everyday.  Some people take what they have for granted and I would give anything for Cayden to be able to live a simple life like that.  I love my son to death and wouldn't trade him for the world, he is my everything.  Cayden is going with his Dad tonight, he goes to his Dads every other weekend, so for them 4 days a month, I really can say, I am lost.  I am lost because I have so much free time and me time that I dont usually get that I dont know what to do with myself 3/4 of the time, I walk around in a daze and miss him like crazy.  I worry about him constant when he is not with me because I really dont even believe that his Dads family understands because they dont live it but 4 days a months, pretending to understand doesnt work. 
Thats all for now. 

Thanks for reading, one proud Momma

Monday, April 4, 2011

Report Card

   So Cayden's report card came home from school, he had a good report card, I am very proud of him.  Although I am a little confused to how they grade him, is he grade on the work he should be doing or the work he is actually doing.  He is in Special Ed. now and does different work than the rest of his class.  Why I ask is because his lowest grade was in Spelling but yet he goes to Special Ed for Spelling and has brought home 100% on his last 7 Spelling tests, and Spelling was his lowest grade.  I was also told at Parent teacher Conferences that he excels in Math and has no issues in Math at all, but yet on his report card she stated that he needs improvement in some areas.  I'm confused to how they can tell me one thing and then come report card time its stating something completely different.  Either way I have seen his work coming home and I have never been blindsided by a bad grade so I'm a little confused.  I guess the school will be getting a call from me later today. 

   We had a good weekend, he rode his 4 wheeler alot this weekend and my Dad got his brakes fixed so thats a good thing, he can use his foot brake now.  He hasn't been going to bed until late after 10 almost every night one night was 1am (yes it was a school night) which is not his normal so I'm a little confused and trying to figure out what has changed to caused this.  One thing with Cayden is that it takes me a long time to get him settled for the night, and if once he's settled and something interupts that it takes a LONG time to get him to settle back down.  He does take pills at night to help him sleep but I see no difference in when he takes them to when he doesnt.  The pill does not help him fall asleep but helps him stay sleeping when he does fall asleep, I dont think it works because I see no difference.  The night he didnt go to bed until 1am he was up 3 times between then and 6am.  Anyways something I will bring up to the Dr. at our next appt.

   Cayden starts Spring Break in 2 weeks and he cant not wait.  The weekend that break starts is the weekend we can move our camper into our campsite so I think him and I will be doing some camping that week, crossing my fingers for some nice weather. 

   Well thats about it for now, thanks for reading.  Emie