Monday, March 21, 2011

He's 9 already.

  So I have decided that I am going to start blogging, I know my baby is 9 already but I will be blogging on what it is like to have Aspergers, ADHD and ODD in our lives. 

   So my baby turned 9, I cant believe how the time has flown by.  I love my son more than anything, he is my world.  We have everyday struggles but nothing we can't handle.  Cayden was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and Seperation Anxiety in 2006 at 4 years old.  This past year after more testing he was diagnosed with Aspergers, Emotional disorder and Anxiety.  This has been a long road for us but we manage.  Discipline is not handled the same, we compromise.  Everyday little tasks are handled differently, we accomplish little bits at a time.  Bedtime is handled differently, well bedtime just plain sucks (his body does not slow down enough for him to fall asleep by himself so I have to lay with him with my arm over him so he calms down enough to let his body attempt to relax) his body moves ALL night long.  These are only SOME of the things that we do differently than other households with children his age.  

   Some of my struggles are that some people just dont get it.  Until they walk a day in my shoes or shoes similar to mine, they wont get it.  There are comments made all the time about my child being a brat, spoiled, or my lack of parenting skills.  This hurts, but I know I try my best and I have done my research, more research and more research, and I understand the horrible effects, feelings and outbursts that he experiences and that to me is all that matters, no one else NEEDS to understand it.  Do I wish they would?  Absolutely, but I understand that not all people will.

   Cayden was just placed in Special Ed classes with an IEP finally this past Jan after MANY, MANY months of testing.  He is doing fantastic in school now, he got a 100% on his last 6 spelling tests.  He tested at a much higher grade level for his math, so that is wonderful for him.  The only problem with math is that if he knows that he is being timed on what he is doing he struggles, he cant handle the time restraint, although if they dont tell him he is being timed he flies right through with flying colors within the time limit.  The IEP was a godsent for him, I cant believe the difference this has made.

   Anyway Cayden has been saving up his money for 4+ years now for a 4 wheeler and last weekend his dream of a 4 wheeler came true.  I LOVE watching the excitment in his face and the joy that he experiences just knowing he saved all HIS money for that.  He was covered HEAD TO TOE in mud by the time he was done riding.   Although last night he had a breakdown because he wanted an Ipod and didnt have all his money anymore so it took alot of explaining. 

   I will try to write often, my goal with this Blog is to help people understand.

Thanks for reading, Emie

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  1. I love the blog Emie and I'll be sure to stop back often!